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Every year millions of puppies and kittens are born because people let their unaltered animals outdoors where they find mates.  While some of these puppies and kittens do find good homes, the majority DO NOT and are put to death. You can help this tremendous problem by having YOUR pet spayed or neutered.  This is something that I, and the four-legged residents of the Lilley Pad, believe in very strongly.

To qualify to receive this award, your site must mention the importance of spay/neuter, your pets must be spayed or neutered, and your "home" must have at least one "Shelter, stray, abandoned or rescued pet"

Teddie whispered to me that she would like the pets to have their own web pages, if possible, so she can meet these wonderful pets. Just having a few links to shelters or programs doesn't qualify. We are looking for a personal statement from you about why you should receive "Teddie's Hugs Award".

Thank you for visiting Teddie's page!

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If your site is chosen you will be notified by e-mail with the name of the page where you can pick up your award. Please link the award back to the Lilley Pad at

You will be added to my list of " Sites that Care"with a link back to your page.

Thanks for caring, and spaying or neutering your pet.

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